Makita DC40RA 40V max XGT Rapid Optimum Charger

Makita DC40RA  40V max XGT Rapid Optimum Charger
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Product Information

Makita DC40RA 40V max XGT Rapid Optimum Charger

The XGT Rapid Charger with dual-fan design circulates air through the battery to cool the battery and circuit board quickly for faster charging

Charges a 40V max XGT 2.5Ah battery in only 28 minutes, 4.0Ah battery in only 45 minutes, 5.0Ah battery in only 50 minutes

The XGT Rapid Chargers digital display indicates battery charge level (-80%, +80%, 100%)

The XGT Rapid Chargers built-in chip thoroughly communicates during the charging process to control current, voltage, and temperature for more efficient charging

The digital communication within XGT actively monitors and protects against overload, over-discharge and overheating

Makita DC40RA. The XGT Rapid Optimum Charger offers key advantages for Makita 40V max XGT cordless tool users. The exclusive dual fan design cools the battery (sold separately) by circulating air through the battery during the charging process for faster charging. The charger communicates with the battery's built-in chip throughout the charging process to optimize battery life by actively controlling current, voltage and temperature. The result is category-leading battery charge times, which means the battery spends more time working and less time sitting on the charger.
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Brand: Makita
Manufacturer: Makita
Model: DC40RA
Manufacturers Part Number: DC40RA
UPC: 088381583695
Shipping Weight: 2.9 lbs