SoftTouch 4441395N 5/8" Rubber White Leg Tip

SoftTouch 4441395N  5/8" Rubber White Leg Tip
SoftTouch 4441395N  5/8" Rubber White Leg Tip
Waxman Consumer Products
Item# WAX-4441395N
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SoftTouch 4441395N 5/8" Rubber White Leg Tip

Everyday use and movement of furniture can be damaging your hard floor surfaces. softtouch rubber chair tops protect your hardwood, ceramic tile and linoleum floors from marring and scratches

Use these furniture protectors to reduce noise of furniture movement. softtouch chair tips also help keep furniture in place as the rubber construction is non-marking and offers anti-slip benefits

The long-lasting furniture protectors are heavy duty rubber tips. The slip on design fits securely to protect surfaces and provide superior grip performance on straight or angled legs

Simply measure furniture leg and choose size closest to the diameter of the chair leg. Furniture leg tip fits firmly over chair legs up to the size listed. Slip leg caps fully onto each straight or slanted chair leg for a secure fit and maximum floor protection

5/8" round

SoftTouch 4441395N Rubber White Leg Tip 5/8"
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Brand: Waxman
Manufacturer: Waxman Consumer Products
Model: 4441395N
Manufacturers Part Number: 4441395N
SKU: WAX-4441395N
UPC: 074523044131
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